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Body Love was born out of love.

Love is the first ingredient in all of our products.

Body Love exists today because of skin issues. My daughter had eczema when she was smaller. She was not able to use various creams that were prescribed by her doctors - they made her skin flare up more.

It was up to me to find an alternative. I looked into natural remedies to provide that alternative. I began exploring mixtures with various butters and essential oils, and eventually came up with what is now called Pure (at that time it had no name, it just worked). We then realized that the colder, dryer months made her skin dry out, and Pure only helped a little. So we were back to the drawing board, and came up with what is now called Skin’s Friend.

It has been a journey!! From that journey, we have learned to be creators of products that we love and use ourselves. A majority of the family has a hand in making these amazing products what they are.

I love creating new products and knowing that solving my baby’s skin issue made it possible to help many other people. 

We use many ingredients, but no matter what we create, our first ingredient will always be love.